Double Driver Sled

Musher For A Minute – Learn How To Mush! 

About: This is a 1.5 hour crash course in the art of mushing and is open to those ages 12+. This tour is geared towards guests who really want to get into the nuts and bolts of modern dog sledding. 

Educational Component: Guests will spend 30 minutes covering all the details of what it takes to prepare the sled dogs and sled for the trail. 

The Ride: Guests will hit the trail using a double driver sled (which is kind of like the dog sledding version of a driver’s ed car) for approximately 5 miles/45 minutes (ride time may vary based on: the weights of the participants, trail conditions and the doggies pulling the sled). During this time guests will learn their Gees and Haws and practice the #1 rule of dog sledding, NEVER LET GO, with the assistance of a musher for guest and dog safety of course!

Treats: As always, the mushers try to leave some time at the end for guests to share treats with the sled dogs, get photos and give belly rubs.

Availability: This tour departs most Tuesdays – Sundays starting December 15th and goes until mid-March (trail conditions permitting). There are a few holiday and vacation week exceptions. This tour departs at 9:30, 11:30, 2:00 & 4:00 (please note that the 4:00 tour starts in the daylight and ends at dusk when it gets dark). Reservations are required.


  • $375 per sled (2 guests/340lbs)

Please Note: We have 1 double driver sled and are therefore only able to accommodate 1-2 guests per time-slot for this adventure. Also please note that while we are typically on toboggan sleds from the end of December until mid-March, your musher may use a rolling dog sleds to conduct your tour if trail conditions permit. Refunds WILL NOT be issued in the event that trail conditions require use of a rolling dog sled.